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International Longshoremen's Association Local 1416

Our association is committed to all work on cargo received into the terminal, placed on the ships, loaded and unloaded from vessels and delivered at other immediate pier area, shed, warehouse and terminal by any means of transportation.

Our members are specialists in preparation of vessel loading and discharge; cargo stowage in the vessel; provisions on location work performed by longshoremen, checkers and clerks; receipt and delivery of containers and other equipment; and weighing of containers and cargo; and verification.


"For as long as there have been ships, there have been people who work them."

I.L.A. Local #1416

is a Seniority / Membership based Organization

Area of Operation:

Miami-Dade County, which includes the port of Miami.


Over 800 – Active Longshoremen
300 – Retirees
Over 700 – Casual Laborer

Services Provided:

Laborer Organization – Load and Unload ships.